Nike Kobe AD Mid actual evaluation

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Bryant has been retired for more than a year, but the Mamba spirit still affects many people, Nike certainly will not miss this theme, and then launched a series of Kobe AD Mid. interprets the Mamba spirit. Kobe AD Mid's multi-directional grip is not disappointing, although it uses translucent rubber. Dust is a problem for this kind of rubber, so you need to clean it up manually, but it will not be a decisive factor in restraining shoes. We should be clear loud squeak does not necessarily mean Guards of the grip, but this pair of shoes outsole friction sound is really loud. If you care about the end of the durability, I do not recommend the use in the field, because this rubber is very soft, it is easy to be exhausted in the outdoors.


You will not be disappointed at cushioning, the midsole use a combination of Lunarlon and Zoom, shock protection and energy feedback is the heel of the core elements, forefoot part of the comfort while ensuring you adequate The sense of speed. This pair of shoes Lunarlon has some resilience, Kobe AD Mid from the foot feeling closer to Kobe 10 and Kobe A.D. NXT instead of the original Kobe A.D., if you like Lunarlon, you will fall in love with the configuration of this pair of shoes.


Is this material practical? It’s very practical. If you are concerned about practicality, this material is not a problem for you.Point out that this material is completely airtight, even the tongue. Wet shoes due to the lack of permeability has become a problem, in a breathless but also often friction in the environment, the blisters can be expected, this major mistake should not occur in modern shoes. Although the shoes of the 90's great, but not breathless shoes destined to have been behind.


To lock, I have not encountered any problems, my feet are basically copied in the shoes. There is no problem of lace system from start to finish, slightly high from the help also help consolidate the heel. As long as you choose the right size, the package will not be a problem.


Kobe AD Mid uses the familiar and favorite support, with the built-in heel stabilizer to keep your feet in the shoe. However, the horizontal extension of the original compared to the original Kobe A.D. is much better, this pair of shoes the whole chassis are flat, the front palm part is very wide, to greatly increase the stability of the points. Nike is still in the arch using a carbon plate to increase the additional core support.


Breathable and material is where Kobe AD Mid can be raised, but the others are very nice. Caught against Guards, cushioning enough to stabilize - especially for the guard who is. I hope in the new season to see more different versions of the material, or the birth of this style is too wasteful. If Kobe AD Mid uses knitting or mesh uppers, it can be the best.


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