Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 Basketball Sneakers Reviewed & Tested

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Kobe has retired for one year but still can't leave everyone's sight. The photos that have been circulated on the Internet recently have proved that everyone is very concerned about Kobe's every move. Retired to retired, his shoes are still one of the most concerned series in the market. Introduce today's new work on one of the main lines of the Kobe series, Venomenn 6!

When the Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 went on sale this year, the NBA season has ended. Let's take a look at the players wearing Venomenn 5 in the previous season:
John Wall, who is currently wearing shoes! John Wall's good brother Bradley Beal also had the same color on the foot.
Isiah Thomas is well known as a big fan of Kobe shoes and has also been on the Venenomon series.

Before I started to buy shoes, I always used the principle of high cost performance. Although the models don't remember much, but the generation of Kobe's Venomenn series I bought, the long-term impression is that "low help but very safe." "The cushioning is still enough. There is nothing particularly lacking. Because it is a low help, it will not be very strange to wear a badminton ball, so it is a series that I personally like very much!"

With a pair of Nike actual combat basketball shoes with an original price of less than 1,000 yuan and a starting price of about 600, it is barely a star endorsement. This price is actually good for the hooks before and after the price. Especially before and after the palm is still a sense, the previous generation is configured to place the front and rear Zoom near the sole, this generation is relatively close to the feet, compared to it is said to be more able to feel the soft bullet feedback.

The forefoot fan-shaped Zoom has cushioning but does not affect the starting speed. For those of me who are running fast breaks, there is no feeling of delay. The back of the long strip type Zoom confession that the cushioning effect on the strong impact can only be said to be general. You must ask the violent bouncing person to detour, but if you play like me, use the empty hand to move, the projection-based floor flow is sure. Enough. Forefoot fan-shaped Zoom soft and hard master is quite good, you can feel the cushioning without affecting the starting speed. The palm of the hand can easily feel the soft bullet effect when trying on, but it is not suitable for violent bouncing people.

Venomenon series positioning is in the field of actual basketball shoes, although the official website description has marked XDR but I did not have a label when I purchased it, so I am not sure, but I did not wear any irregular wear after about 10 hours of actual outsole. The effect of the outsole pentagon pattern is very good.

The grip is very smooth, and the emergency stop does not make a very harsh squeaking sound, but it stops very smoothly, which is different from the CP3X / AE's violent emergency stop. It is recommended that the pair should be wiped clean after the ball is played. A small piece of translucent crystal sole on the forefoot sole is slightly worse than the rubber sole on the side. Keeping it clean is better than maintaining the best grip!

Although the upper is very light and comfortable, but in actual combat, I personally may prefer thick artificial leather. The reason is that the upper is too weak, and the feet are not well cared for. Compared with the previous generation, Flywire is less, and there is more doubt about the sense of security and coverage.

But fortunately, other aspects are not too bad, although there is no obvious anti-rollover, but in fact the design of the outside of the foot is wide, not easy to sprain. As long as the size is right (I am a normal size), there is no problem with the foot. The fixed feeling of the TPU is very solid, and the thumb is also reinforced, so as not to be smashed by the strange men!

The large heel of the rear heel is also very easy for the upper foot. The water-blue plastic side strips on the side of the shoe may not be too useful for the actual support, but at least a fraction of the appearance can be added. I have seen the dismantling of "Fast Passing Sports". I also know that Venomenn 6 has a TPU anti-twist support piece, but I personally feel that it has a general effect in actual combat, and I don't particularly feel that the sole support has a very good effect.

In fact, the slightest toe and the previous shortcoming can also be included together, but in order to lengthen a little space (but I have no manuscript fee...) so I will tell you separately. Although the whole pair of shoes is slightly narrower in design, I feel that the internal foam is not as thick as the original generation series, especially at the thumb of the foot. When I do an emergency stop, I occasionally get to the front end and cause discomfort. If you switch to a violent person with a strong foot and an emergency stop, there is a possibility that it will be bruised!

I think the Venomenn 6 is a good pair of shoes overall. It reminds me of last year's Hyperrev 2016. It is a good combat style with a good grip and cushioning, but it is generally protective. It says that the Venomenn 6 upper is even weaker. . In addition, I also think that Venomenn 6 is a bit like an upgraded version of Zoom Live, which is an additional back-up Zoom. There is little difference in other aspects, but I would say that even Zoom Live is slightly better and more protective.


Although it is the Kobe series of shoes, to tell the truth is also very appetizing, but I think the Venomenn 6 is a pair of practical basketball shoes that do not have much features and have no charm. The configuration is not bad, but a little more money can buy Soldier 11 with better configuration and protection. Take a step back and spend a little less money, you can buy Zoom Live without much difference in foot feeling, of course, vice versa, look at how individuals choose. I didn't give Venomenn 6 a high score on the total score, but I personally liked to play with him. On the one hand, my style of play is very suitable for the positioning of these shoes. On the other hand, I don't know why I wear him to be especially accurate!

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