5 Tips To Know About The Nike Pg2, The Signature Shoe Of Paul George In The Colors Of The Playstation 4

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Freshly launched, the Nike PG2 is Paul George's second signature shoe. And here are 5 tips you need to know about this pair of sneakers in the colors of the PlayStation 4. It was introduced a few hours ago: the PG2, Paul George's second signature shoe, is in the colors of the Sony Playstation 4. This special edition was unveiled by basketball player Paul George in a match between his team, Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. And now, we know everything about its European release which is scheduled for February 10th. Better yet, we'll unveil the five rules that Paul George and Tony Hardman, creator of PG1 and PG2, have decided to follow to mark the culture of the signature products.

1 / A color that pays tribute to the Playstation 4

It is not by chance that the PG2 is proposed for its launch in the colors of the Playstation. Paul George loves video games (especially on PlayStation). Moreover, he considers himself one of the greatest video game lovers in the NBA. With the launch of PG2's PlayStation model - a collaboration featuring Paul George's passion and PS4 - he was able to unite these two worlds. And beyond the color of the PG2, the pair is full of references to the famous console. We can mention its tongue that illuminates or the special PSN code found on the heel.

2 / A more daring adjustment system than jaja
If the PG1 was distinguished by a design with an inner boot and a protruding strap on the forefoot, the PG2 features a more traditional design with a tongue. Nevertheless, Paul George insisted that the PG brand be a firm fit, so to achieve this, Tony Hardman has incorporated what he calls "dynamic wings" on the forefoot. In addition to offering the same level of adjustment as the previous system, this new aesthetic addition improves the general support of the foot. "This system also eliminates strap length problems because it was too long for thin feet," says Tony Hardman

3 / Even bigger Zoom Air unit
A member of the NBA for eight years now, Paul George's work during his early years paid off. However, it is always possible to do better and this desire for improvement is reflected in the PG2, which offers a new sensation under the foot, thanks to a sole ensuring excellent responsiveness. To achieve this, Nike has increased the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot by 10mm.

4 / A futuristic design
Players who wear the shoe can expect better support, more responsiveness and improved overall grip. In the end, the PG range is not dedicated to Paul George. In collaboration with Tony Hardman, Paul George is looking for solutions for himself and for the promising players of tomorrow. Given the number of professionals who have adopted the PG1, the duo seems to understand the intangibles of a good shoe and it promises for the future!

5 / The performance above all!
Paul George takes the challenge to beat his opponents with the PG2, PlayStation model. He knows that design is only one part of the equation of his signature shoe; the player's performance is what really matters. But hey, we can still admit that this pair is successful, compared to the collab 'adidas x Dragon Ball Z that really left us on our hunger. To shop this pair, it will be necessary to wait for February 10 and to make a jump on the SNEAKRS app or on Nike.com. In the rest of the news, we learned that the Air Force 1 Cactus Green is a simple custom.

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